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Without Stressing Yourself or Your teachers

Are You A school owner, Proprietor or Teacher

Do You Experience Any Of This Tiring and Annoying Problem?

  • Paper-based processes: Still burdened by cumbersome paperwork and manual processes, and find it sometimes difficult to maintain records on, fees, transport, etc., and track information needed.
  • Online Registration: Do your Students still stand for hours in the queue to pay fees. 
  • Admission & Enrollment: You still finds it hard to achieve admission and enrollment targets as well as track progress.
  •  Creating and tracking course-work, assignments, and exam papers for  graduating and addmited students.
  • Teacher Evaluation:  Tracking the progress of teachers and evaluating their effectiveness.
  • Poor Communication & Collaboration: There is apparently no platform to provide seamless communication between students, administrators, staff and teachers. 
  •  Student Monitoring: struggling to give and keep proper records of all student’s activities including attendance, leave, discipline, assignments, etc.
  • Do you have a proper way/records you cope with finances and track all fee collections and contributions
  • Seamlessly connect and engage with students, parents and alumni to strengthen relationship and drive greater success.

Don't Worry. We got you covered!

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Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Imagine a simple and easy to use tool that helps:

You keep proper records of all student and teachers activities, performance,

Overall academia section, collect fees, manage finance, act as communication channel


School Management system Automation!


Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

 Programmed, with an excellent record and identity management system is customized according to the needs of any school

Built to meet the needs of any school

How Does It Work?

This system automate every administrative process and connect your school to the world - The system will be available to the teachers with a passcode to record their class examinations and assessment online and offline.

And also be accessible to students in other to check and print their results wherever they are using their personal computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Parents are not left out as they can access the platforms to get information about their wards and the school updates.

Here's Why Your School Need This Tool?

The School System Management Automation was designed to be highly accessible, in that;

  • It’s quite easy to use and its functionality can be expanded to meet possible future requirements of the school system as long as the process can be automated.
  • The system will offer personalized, role-based access to different users at the same time.
  • The system will handle all your result management and report card preparation tasks.
  • The system will handle all your result management and report card preparation tasks.
  • will be used to store and retrieve critical your school records, such as staff list, student list, administrative personnel, subject list, class list, grading etc
  • The system will be used to store and retrieve critical school records, such as staff list, student list, administrative personnel, subject list, class list, grading etc
  • If desired, the system will handle all payment transactions like school fees and so on, using an online payment system.
  • The system will allow staff and students to perform their tasks on their pages through the use of computers or smartphones.
  • It comes centralized data management system with constant backup.
  • Instant Customizable modules and plugins to suit the exact needs of your school according to your directive to our server.
  • Automatic data backup and recovery as this system has cloud-based security
  • Allows Users to Generate Beautiful reports, teller, and receipts with just one click. With Options to Save either on PDF, WORD EXCEL
  • GUESS WHAT? All your data's are secured and accessible with your passcode whenever you want and whereever you are.

A Quick Demo On How This System Works

Checkout Main Features and What you can achieve with this system


Exams management section

All exams schedule, adnit card, mark-sheet and mark grade etc are all made easy on this menu.

HR management section

Full access to manage teacher's record, staff Directory, Payroll, leave, attendance etc

Student Details section

Manage all info of each students - Admission, activities, performace etc

Fees collection section

You get to Manage, input & maintain all financial record void of errors, 

Academia Board

Full control of all activities in your School

Communication Channel

Notice Board for General announcement, Bulk s.m.s and email

Other Available Features

  • Parent and Personal User Portal Page
  • Result and Certificate Management
  • Record and Document Management System
  • Hostel Management and Much More

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What People Are Saying About 

The School Management System Automation

This software has help us deal with stress, downtime, errors, work interruptions, and distractions involved in our school management.

"The beautiful feeling,and positive effect it has on our pupils, staff and parents have been a million times better than before."

"Thanks to www.regiadegitals.com for the school management system demo they initially did that made all the change we desperately wanted to see in our school..e like to do what many others have done already."

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A Few More Testimonials 

"Keep up the excellent work. Nice work on your school management system automation software. I & my staff are loving software more and more each day because it makes work a lot easier. This software is worth much more than we paid for."

"Since I invested in school management system software I made over 100,000 dollars profits. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. It's really wonderful. School management system software should be nominated for service of the year."


Creator of School Management System Automatio

About us

We are a radio station, willing to give your school free advert in one of our automation tools.

We are particular about taking stress off you by giving you an easy to use automation tool called school management system automation, a PLATFORM that makes you stand out from others and also allow all school activities to be done and monitored on the internet and even offline.

Let help you build that perfection and a school that you'll be happy to run as the ENTIRE STRESS OF SCHOOL MANAGEMENT IS SOLVED AT YOUR FINGERTIP

Going Back To Your Old System Of ManAgement Will Continuious Result In

  • Lost of Data And Information
  • Poor communication between Your students, school, and parents.
  • Inability to manage school marketing and promotions effectively
  • Continuous Difficulty in upgrading, learning and teaching experience.
  • Tedious exam management and result processes
  • Bottlenecks in School Fees Payment.
  • Poor attendance record keeping and Soulless report card preparation processes
  • Laborious Student and staff management record
  • Piles of files filling up office space unnecessarily and frustrating when locating files
  • The probability of loss of files and records remains relatively high, and alteration to any record remains at the will of the custodian of such record.

Consider a scenario where Your student who graduated 5-10 years ago needs To retrieve a result sheet for a particular term.

Can You Guarantee That?

With This System, you would have no worries. 

We could take that stress of yours and save your time, energy and bring you more productivity.

This is the secret of the other schools which you aspired your school to be like. 

This is what they do but will not tell you.

Here's  "What THE SYSTEM Get TO DO FOR YOU" 

Your school requires a technology based solution for managing its data & database

with the ability to carry out the following functions:

  • Expedite and streamline the process of delivery of report cards to students.
  • Generate academic reports like broadsheet, class result sheet etc
  • Share books and other academic resources through the eLibrary system
  • Determine statistical information at a glance by looking at reports
  • Communicate with parents in a relatively cheap and effective way
  • Monitor performances through the trends following generated reports
  • Have more school procedures automated at the long run

You missed out!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get all that we promises, even after using the 1 month FREE plan and later on subscribing to the premium package of the school system management software, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

P.S.: Don't put you school management system in mess, use the school management system automation and become the perfection and admiration of other schools, student and Parent..


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